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My name is Darren Last and this is my blog, LAST IN THE RACE.  I've had aspirations of writing for years, so long that I had to actually do something as you know the saying 'a sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result'.


So here are my ramblings about running, triathlon, swimming, cycling, training, sports and maybe a few ad-hoc things, who knows, lets see where this takes us.

I've always been a been into sports in some form or another (except intermittent periods through my late teens and twenties).  It began with football years ago followed with running, and not forgetting triathlon.  I enjoy most things that get a sweat on and clear the mind.  It's important to add I do enjoy the less healthy food and drink pleasures of life.

When it came to names for this blog I had a few ideas, 'The aspiring athlete', 'The average athlete' but decided to take a pun on my name (there were a few) and closed out on 'LAST IN THE RACE'.

My point here is that I am just a standard guy who runs, swims, cycles.  I hit the streets, the roads, the gyms and the pools.  I also enter races that I'm never going to win but it's the participation and doing something I love that makes me happy.  Challenging myself, being around like minded people.

I hope that people can get something positive from my ramblings, I don't know if they are any good but I do know that I will enjoy trying.

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